dAM 4412
"The Switch Is On..."

Dirt Legal Carb. dAM has put 35 years of engine experience into your 4412. Remember: the fastest lap "wins". Drivability is the most important aspect of a dAM 4412. We have a fully adjustable transfer slot and 3-way adjustable idle. All other aspects of this carb are fully adjustable as well.

dAM offers unprecedented services. If you need any tuning help just call (845) 473-1136 or e-mail info@dambest.com. Your dAM carb is serial numbered so you can track carb updates and your carb's history.

Every carb receives the same high-level attention on the wet bench. Fuel distribution and droplet size are the key.

dAM has five US patents in fuel emulsion technology incorporated into the carburetors controlling droplet size to dimensions previously unattainable.

You have by definition the exclusive use of technology available from no other manufacturer.

Every dAM carb is serial numbered with its own build sheet and wet flow sheet.
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