dAM 650 Dirt Carb
"The Switch Is On..."

The dAM 650 Holley® Open Dirt is designed for 358 Dirt Modified with open carb rule.

dAM modifies all brands of carbs for specialized racing. When we develop a new line of carbs, they all go through the same rigorous test process: wet bench, dyno, field test, you.

dAM's 4 US patents aid in small droplet formation and enhance fuel distribution to increase your performance and decrease lap times.

Triply adjustable circuits enhance tuning. dAM uses a build sheet to give your carb its own identity, wet flows it for quality control then delivers it to you with the assurance of dAM's 35 year reputation for performance and quality.

Every dAM carb is serial numbered with its own build sheet and wet flow sheet.
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