dAM Split 7500 Series Carbs
"The Switch Is On..."

The dAMBEST billet carb is the most powerful and responsive carb of its size. These carbs are particularly designed for high HP engines that have to deal with throttle response issues, e.g., Top Sportsman and Top Dragster with automatic transmissions.

Its light weight, patent pending billet housing has 200% more booster signal which, in conjunction with dAM's patented emulsion system, gives about 100 times the emulsification of modified other brands.


dAM has five US patents, and another pending, in fuel emulsion technology incorporated into the metering blocks to reduce droplets to previously unattainable size. Standard hardware makes tuning easy and affordable.

Features include:

  • New, light weight of a mere 5-1/2 lbs.
  • Bottom feed needle & seats to reduce fuel foaming
  • Improved fuel view window

Pictured is 2.400", many other sizes available: 1.875, 2.000, 2.125, 2.250, 2.375, 2.500.

Every dAM carb is serial numbered with its own build sheet and wet flow sheet.
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