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Comp Econo Altered

Modified Other Brand Carbs

Modified Holley

4777/650 Dirt Carb

650 Open Dirt Holley

650 Crate
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Style CFM at 20" water Price USD
Modified Holley 2 circuit TBA $1,899.00
Modified Holley 3 circuit TBA $2,099.00
4777 Holley 4bbl 650 $1,449.00
650 Crate #80541-1 Holley TBA $1,549.00

Options for Carburetors

Dash-1 (Standard) 5/8" venturi entrance radius.
Dash-2 1" venturi entrance radius, 1/2" raised air cleaner, 10-12% more air.
Standard on Ultimate 4150, split 4500.
Dash-3 1" venturi entrance radius, stock air cleaner height.
Blow-through Sealed shafts. Add $100 to price.
Methanol Jetted for methanol.

Additional Information

Every carburetor leaving our facility is serial numbered, wet bench calibrated, and has its own build sheet for quality assurance and to aid in support and custom tuning.

Here is a complete listing of all dAMBEST Carburetors.


It is up to the purchaser to determine if a particular carburetor is legal at the track where it is to be used. dAM cannot control the use of carburetors, only the construction.

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