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Research and Development at dAM

Research projects at dAM range from small engine exhaust emissions reduction to jet engine fuel nozzle development for thrust and fuel economy. Outside projects have included fuel additive R & D for fuel and lubricant additive developer, GTA Technologies.

Computer Aided Design

CAD enables ideas to be explored and realized with reduced development time and less wasted materials. Head modifications of the Ford Project were developed in CAD.

Bore Modification
Valve Modification
Exhaust Modification
Exhaust Modification
Click on an image for a larger view. Only 6-9kB.

Fuel/Air Mixture Ignition Control

Combustion and its optimization start with the spark. Spark plug holes can be relocated such that ignition occurs at the geometric center of the charge to ensure a quick, uniform, powerful burn.

Buick head - cylinder side

Buick head - header side

Original Holes

Holes filled

Original Holes

Filled Holes
Click on an image for a larger view. Only 20-30kB!

Valve Lifter Geometry Optimization

Tolerances suitable for production engines can be less than optimal for high performance engines. Realigning valve lifters to tighter tolerances can provide benefits of more power, better wear characteristics, lower componant failure rate.

Small Block Ford re-engineered

Relocated port

Lifters repositioned
Click on an image for a larger view. Only 20-30kB!

Conferences & Publications

Our cutting edge Engine Research has been the subject of numerous technological conference presentions and has been in cover story articles of high end trade journals and popular race magazines. Check out the dAM Speaks section.

Intellectual Property

dAM aggressively patents our technology, and holds patents in the areas of fuel emulsification, carburetor design, fuel injection, and advanced engine design. Arenas of application include the high performance race, general automotive, small engine, marine, diesel, bi-fuel venturi, alternative fuel, natural gas engines, LNG engines, and jet engine marketplaces. Our patents on "Fluid emulsification systems and methods" can be viewed on-line:
United States Patent 6211251
United States Patent 6281253
United States Patent 6540210
United States Patent 6609704
United States Patent 6851663
United States Patent 8167277

We license our technology and patents on an open and non-discrimatory basis. We welcome joint ventures, research projects, and various licensing arrangements from specifc patents to a complete technology transfer to enhance your business and competitive position.

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