dAMBEST Racer's Gallery

Here are more of our winners in action.

Cody Coughlin

John Coughlin

Kevin Robb

Randy Wilson

Arthur Tsovalis

Vinny Barone

Dan Creeden

Sal Biondo

The Arcunis

John Edwards

Ross Wilson

Todd Hoener

Dan Fletcher

Allen Stanfield

Ricky Elliott

Scott Mondus

Skip Gladstone

Rob at Spraker

Gus Schmidt

Tony Osborn

Tremont Family

Greg Kuchel

Bruce MacKenzie


Scott MacKay

Cal/Bobby Hill

Wheeler Banks

Darrel Alderman

Tom Ciccarone

Joe Ficca

Scott Geoffrion

Jim Secor Jr.

Mike Senecal

Lester Shoff

Steve Szupka

Hemi Dart Project

550 HP Chevy Powered Bike
Click on an image for a bigger view! (only 30-50kB)

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