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dAM 650 2bbl
"The Switch Is On"

The 1-3/4 Rule Carbs come with the same metering block as with our Split Dominator: a custom three-circuit.

The venturis have been bored out to 1.590 - the same as a Nextel Cup Carb, so all of the fuel work is the same as one of our Cup Carbs.

When we develop a new line of carbs, they all go through the same rigorous test process: wet bench, dyno, field test, you.

Our patented emulsion system improves droplet size and overall performance. We have a build sheet for every carb and serial number your carb for quality control.

Our 15 years of wet bench experience and 4 US patents in emulsion puts us ahead of the competition in technology. If you are an engine builder or racer dAM can custom build you a carb, then repeat it and improve it for you.

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