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As soon as dAM meets the Dirt Minimum Number reqirement, the dAM Big Billet will be legal in the Dirt 468 class. Get yours now to beat the rush!


dAM Large Billet Carb
"The Switch Is On..."

The dAMBEST billet carb is the most powerful and responsive carb of its size. Every angle of throttle position is adjustable. And adjustable linkage allows control of the rate at which the secondary is applied.
Every effort to improve performance and simplify carb design was made. The carb's billet design allows for custom sizes and lightweight. This carb flows 1100 CFM at 20" of water. Recommended for engines of 750 to 850 HP.
The patent pending design has improved booster signal by 50%, reducing manifold wetting by surrounding the fuel being distributed by the booster with a layer of air to keep fuel off of the walls.
dAM has four US patents in fuel emulsion technology incorporated into the metering blocks to reduce droplets to previously unattainable size. Common hardware makes tuning easy and affordable.

Every dAM carb is serial numbered with its own build sheet and wet flow sheet.
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