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The Tremont Family

Hi again,

dAM will be offering three different one-week courses in November, 2006. The topics will be Carb Tuning & Modification, Dyno Operation & Results Analysis, and Coordinating On-track and Dyno Data Acquisition for Maximum Performance. Class size will be limited to 10 each; cost will be $500 each. These classes will be the latest addition to our line of education materials which already includes audio tapes, CDs, and DVDs.

The Tremont family has been setting a winning trend in the North East for years. With Ken Sr. tuning and Ken Jr. driving, it's been a formidable team. We would like to thank them for making dAMBEST carburetor an integral part of their success the last 2 years, including the great finishes at Orange County's Eastern States and the Dirt Modified event at Syracuse. They continue to rave about performance and fuel economy of their dAM carb.


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