Spring is almost here!!!!

6-38 Mark015

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Induction Wet Bench Fixture nearing being done.

Induction Fixture 4 Induction Fixture 1 Induction Fixture 2 Induction Fixture 3

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New Oval Butterfly 4150′s

photo 81-750 photo 81 photo 82-533 Oval 1 photo 82 Oval 2

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The one that wins, get to the finish line first!

My thoughts today are;
Everyone will be scramering around to sell their version of the fuel injection manifold for Pro Stock. I will be working my butt off to build the best stand alone test bench for it !
We have the bench designed and in production,, we have a new billet impeller that near doubles the current output of the bench.( proto type already tested)
We have an all new more accurate data acquisition system for it.
And I am currently building the stand for manifold with windows to watch flow coming from the ports.
Lets see who wins !

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My Thoughts Today…

Good morning to all !!
I also though I would try expressing some of my thoughts,, smart ones and the ones that turn out to be not so smart. I laugh at me too !!
When a new fuel system is mandated for a class, does not mean it is the best for the class, just means the parties involved are trying to move this class to a different place.
I am sure Holley will make more money, I am sure NHRA will receive more money, I am sure more money will be spent trying to get this system working to the same level as what we have now.
Please do not be confused that mandated is better.
If I were making a change for the class, any class. I would ask myself, what would make this class a better choice over all other forms of racing? There are just so many types of racing today ! Many classes are chosen to fit someone’s needs and likes. Look at Top Sportsman and Top Dragster, here are two classes where someone can go fast, drive what “They like” and use the type of power they want to do it. There is a huge attraction there.
These are my thoughts for today, enjoy the discussion.

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I’am never resting. I would like to get ahead of the off season rush. I know,,, I am probably making all the wrong sizes… O’well

photo 33 photo31 photo 32

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The completely new Mini Rail is done !

photo 2 photo 4 photo 11 photo 12 photo 21 photo 22 photo 31 photo 41 photo 42 photo 1

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Air Fan Sensor, that can be used wet or dry. This was designed with wet in-mind. We offer a complete data acquisition system that can used with our flow equipment or yours.

Air Fan Censer4 Air Fan Censer1 Air Fan Censer2 Air Fan Censer3

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The Wet Bench is a big hit !

Wet Bench Cabinet .......Drawer-533.jpge 110314A 110314B 110314C 110314D bench 1-533 bench 1 bench 2 bench 3 bench 5 Near Finish 1-750 Near Finish 1 Near finish 2-533 Near finish 2 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 sink Wet Bench Cabinet750

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John I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome Carburetors you make. The car ran flawless all weekend and ran 4.52-53 @ 153 in Abilene at 4500′ to 5200′. Quickest and fastest car in the parking lot all weekend. And with O2 readings in the 11.6-11.9. Simply amazing. By the way, we runner upped only due to the driver having a -.002 red in the final. Car ran a dead on 4.52 on a 4.52. Attached are some pics from this past weekend race at Big Country Raceway in Abilene TX at the IHRA Summit Super Series event while running the TOP ET class. Thanks again for the DAMN GOOD DAMBEST carbs. Alan Bradshaw

BigCountry Raceway article 080215_0025 ab abilene

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