John I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome Carburetors you make. The car ran flawless all weekend and ran 4.52-53 @ 153 in Abilene at 4500′ to 5200′. Quickest and fastest car in the parking lot all weekend. And with O2 readings in the 11.6-11.9. Simply amazing. By the way, we runner upped only due to the driver having a -.002 red in the final. Car ran a dead on 4.52 on a 4.52. Attached are some pics from this past weekend race at Big Country Raceway in Abilene TX at the IHRA Summit Super Series event while running the TOP ET class. Thanks again for the DAMN GOOD DAMBEST carbs. Alan Bradshaw

BigCountry Raceway article 080215_0025 ab abilene

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